Everything you need to know about Corporate Insurance

Are you unsure of what Todd & Cue has to offer? We are one of the leading insurance brokers in Newcastle and offer a range of insurance services. Whether you’re looking for corporate insurance or SME insurance (small and medium-sized enterprise) we can help you! In terms of corporate insurance, we offer a diverse range of insurance policies to help protect you in all circumstances.

Corporate insurance

Our corporate insurances range from a large number of different industries from commercial business insurance, private medical insurance and even motor fleet insurance. The great thing is that whatever the size of your business, Todd & Cue can help you.

Business Travel Insurance:

Is one of your employees travelling away from business? It is essential for you to have business travel insurance for them, this is to protect them and your business while they are travelling.

Commercial Property Insurance:

Whether you’re the owner or not, any property that is used for commercial purposes must be insured in order to cover the owner.

Business Interruption Insurance:

Helps cover you for any loss of income during periods when you cannot perform normal business tasks due to a crisis, which is out of your control.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance:

Do you own and operate with a fleet of vehicles? If so, you will need to make sure you have the correct cover. We will ensure that you obtain the correct level of cover for all of your vehicles.

Cyber Liability Insurance:

Cyber Liability insurance protects you against any potential hacks, viruses or any other digital threat. It is imperative to have cyber liability insurance if you operate an establishment which handles customer information or you have your own IT software.

Directors and Officers Insurance:

Directors insurance protects you against any threats such as employees, shareholders and even customers.

Transit Insurance:

Does your business transport goods, whether this is through importation or exportation, transit insurance protects you for lost or damaged items. No matter how they are being transported it is essential you have protection.

Haulage Insurance:

Do you have a single vehicle or a fleet over 400? We can help you pick the correct cover for your establishment.

Employees Liability Insurance:

This protects you from claims of negligence made by employees who have suffered from a particular injury of ill-health. We also have policies that protect you against employees who are dishonest through theft.

Engineering Risks:

Stop the potential of your equipment failing and having no backup. If your business runs due to functioning machinery, then you need engineering risk insurance!

Legal Expenses:

Legal expense insurance is a great way to protect yourself against unexpected legal disputes. A lot of legal disputes can become costly and lead to backlash within the business. Make sure you have the correct level of insurance for your business.

Motor Fleet Insurance:

It is usually cheaper to cover all of your vehicles under one policy instead of covering them all separately. As it is a legal obligation for you to have motor insurance, it is easier to have everything under one cover and can also end up being a lot cheaper!

Private Medical Health Insurance:

As amazing as the NHS is, there are normally long waiting times. This can be hard when vital team members are in need of medical assistance, so a lot of companies have their own private medical health insurance. This helps to quicken the process of medical situations.

Product Liability Insurance:

Product recalls are becoming a lot more frequent than we are used to seeing and they can even cause bad media attention. Product recalls can cause your brand to receive a bad reputation, as well as catastrophic issues on your business’ assets. Product liability insurance is vital to protect yourself and your business.

Professional Indemnity Insurance:

Dissatisfied clients can lead to a lot of damage to your business. One of the main problems is that they can potentially lead to financially crippling situations. Customer claims can stem from dissatisfied advice, products or services.

Motor Trade Insurance:

Does your business deal with or even handle cars? Motor trade insurance protects yourself, your employees, customers and your vehicles themselves. Whether you move cars through a forecourt or you even drive your customers around. We can help you choose the best protection.

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