Motor Fleet Insurance

Why would I need Motor Fleet Insurance

If your company runs a number of cars and/or commercial vehicles it can often be cheaper and easier to arrange them as all under one motor fleet insurance policy rather than a policy for each individual vehicle. Starting from only four vehicles your fleet can be of any size, and with the advantage of reduced paperwork and administrative work with only one premium to pay and one renewal date, you will save time and money with a multi-vehicle insurance policy. Major savings in insurance premiums and additional operational expenses can be made through Todd & Cue, we can offer reduced insurance costs for companies operating or prepared to launch a risk management programme or driver guidance courses to instruct and train staff consequently making safer drivers and fewer claims. Fleet insurance is also available for taxi fleets, bus and coach fleets, commercial vehicle fleets, van fleets and motorcycle couriers, in fact, most types of business requiring a fleet of vehicles.

Why do I need Commercial motor insurance?

If you use motor vehicles for your business you are legally obliged to have motor insurance.

If your employees drive company vehicles it is your responsibility to purchase motor insurance for your entire fleet.

If your employees are using their own private vehicles for work purposes you are not obliged to pay for their motor insurance, but you are required to ensure that they have the minimum cover required by law. Your employees should disclose the fact that they are using their personal vehicles for work purposes to their motor insurance provider.

What is commercial motor Insurance

There are three main types of motor insurance:


Third party:

The minimum cover required by law. Covers you against costs that arise as a result of injuries to other people and damage to their vehicle

Third party fire and theft cover:

everything basic third-party policies cover with added protection against your vehicle being stolen or destroyed in a fire


The highest level of cover available.


Comprehensive cover protects against:

  • injuries to other people and damage to their vehicle
  • your vehicle being stolen or destroyed in a fire
  • medical expenses and accidental damage
  • the cost of replacing your vehicle’s contents


Specialist motor insurance policies are available if motor vehicles form a core part of your business, for example if you run a taxi company or a courier service.

If your core business is buying and selling motor vehicles then you would require a specialist motor trade policy

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