How Corporate Healthcare Insurance Is An Essential For Businesses

With the Covid-19 pandemic spreading across every continent, we’re beginning to see visibly how quickly disease, viruses and bacteria can spread.

One of the most visible and informative examples of this was the Diamond Princess cruise ship, in which 700 of it’s passengers quickly became infected with the virus showing us just how quickly this can spread through a group of people that are confined to a particular area – not unlike an office.

Imagine instead of Covid-19, this was the common cold and the Diamond Princess was your current office space. Although the common cold thankfully wouldn’t be as deadly, the damage of the majority of your employees taking time off work because they are ill could be devastating to your bottom line and productivity.

How private medical care can protect your business.

So how exactly can private medical insurance help your business, show ROI, as well as raising employee satisfaction, reducing staff turnover and keep you running at full capacity?

Increase the likelihood of employees seeking medical care

Studies have shown that the reasons people avoid going to the GP and seeking medical care are varied, however a breakdown of these reasons quickly shows that private medical care would make most of these reasons obsolete, for example:

  • Cost – Although the NHS is free for most people, some treatments and prescriptions still must be paid for, which can be an issue for many people
  • No health insurance – Having no health insurance is a reason in itself

Tackling these issues, along with promoting people staying away from workplaces when they have the symptoms of an infectious virus or disease can help to prevent illness from taking a hold of your business and keep it running at full capacity.

Not seeking medical care for non infectious or viral diseases can also be an issue. Ensuring your employees are willing to go to the doctor when they find a potentially cancerous lump, or sorting out musculoskeletal conditions (such as back, neck, muscle or joint pain) can ensure that your employees are working without discomfort, which is why all of Todd and Cue’s Private Medical Health Insurance policies include “BacktoBetter”, a clinical case management service that concentrates on treating these conditions.

Quicker Care, Effective Treatment

With waiting times for GP’s and hospitals around the country constantly on the rise, and complaints about waiting times for surgery and other medical “waiting lines” putting a consistent strain on the NHS, many employees may have to take extra time away from work due to not being able to get the treatment they need.

It Helps Attract Top Talent to Your Business

It’s no secret that top, experienced employees are hard to come across, and even harder to attract. One of the most common ways to attract talent is to offer an exorbitant salary. However as we know, especially in the current climate, that just isn’t always possible. Another way to attract top talent and get an edge on the competition is to offer benefits such as private medical health insurance.

This can be extremely effective if an employee has suffered with conditions in the past, or if they’ve had times which they could pinpoint that having private medical health insurance would have been extremely beneficial but they didn’t have access, or did and had a good experience because of it.

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