Motor Trade Insurance

Generally, there are two different types of motor trade insurance. It is important to know which one is best suited to your business and its needs. The two different types of motor trade insurance are:

Road Risk Insurance

This type of corporate motor insurance provides cover for the vehicles you own or those that are in possession as part of your business. If you own a corporate business this is typically seen as the minimum cover type and it is actually mainly used for smaller motor trade businesses that operate either at dedicated business premises or from their home.

Motor Trade Combined

This type of cover generally provides a wider range of protection combined into one policy, giving you protection for areas such as Public Liability and Employers Liability in addition to material damage risks.

Why do I need Motor Trade Insurance?

Motor Trade Insurance is for anyone who deals with or handles cars as their job or as part of their business. Whether this is moving your own stock of cars around on your forecourt or driving customers cars to and from their home to your business premises, to need the correct cover in place to protect yourself, your business, your staff and the public – not to mention the vehicles themselves.

If anything were to happen to your customer’s cars when in your care, whether this is theft, a fire or even if you are involved in a car accident, you could face lawsuits from the car owners as well as having to pay to repair the car. A Motor Trade Insurance Policy could help cover the costs of repairing or even replacing the car as well as any legal costs.

Do I Need Motor Trade Insurance?

In short, if you are a motor trader then yes! If you are self-employed but still have responsibility for other peoples vehicle then it is vital you have the right cover in place too. The type of motor trade insurance you have in place depends on the area of motor trade you operate in. For example, if you have vehicles under your care, custody and control then you really need a motor trade insurance policy that can give you cover for your customer’s cars. This may not be the same if you work in car sales.

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