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What types of Insurance does a Pub need?

Buildings and Content Insurance

Building insurance is necessary if you own the building.

Contents Insurance is important to ensure that the vital fixtures, fittings, and stock that you use daily to keep your business running are protected against incidents such as fire, flooding, or theft.

Our expert team can advise you about the appropriate cover for your pub insurance to make sure that it is covered properly.

Public Liability Insurance

Licensed Trade premises are invariably busy vibrant areas.

Accidents happen in all businesses and the potential for an accident occurring in a licensed trade premise could arguably be higher.

As a result, Public Liability Insurance is essential to ensure you are protected against any damage or injury caused to members of the public. 

Employer’s Liability Insurance

Regardless of the type of contract your people have, whether that’s full-time, part-time, temporary staff, or subcontracted, it is a legal requirement to have employer’s liability insurance to protect your team. 

This aspect of your pub insurance policy is in place to protect you and your business from claims against injury at work incurred by your employees.

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How much does public house insurance/pub insurance cost?

The cost of your insurance will depend on several different factors such as the size of the building, the amount and value of your fixtures and fittings, and how many staff you have.

Todd & Cue have decades of experience operating in this sector – we have negotiated bespoke ratings with insurers based on that experience and as such feel best placed to provide you with a competitive quotation and cover designed to protect against the many insurable risks within your business. 

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