Legal Expenses

Why do I need Legal Expenses Insurance?

In these uncertain times, Legal Expenses Insurance is no longer a second thought but is at the very core of any decision a client makes relating to their insurance and risk management needs.

Businesses are increasingly aware that they may need to make difficult decisions regarding staffing levels or they may have to enforce contracts with suppliers and clients who may be in difficulty. The last thing a business wants is a legal dispute and the likelihood of having to pay expensive legal fees.

Unexpected legal disputes can be costly at the best of times but with the ever-changing burden of employment legislation, Inland Revenue demands and a rise in contractual disputes means businesses now more than ever must to be covered for every eventuality.

What is Legal Expenses Insurance?

Legal Expenses insurance covers the cost of solicitors’ time in preparing and representing your interests in legal matters. You will also have access to a helpline facility that offers confidential expert legal advice at any time.

By having this in place you can rest assured that you are able to mount a strong defence against any claims brought against you. Similarly you will be able to pursue any necessary legal action against another party without worrying about a potentially huge legal bill.

Legal Expenses Insurance may be offered in a number of ways. It can be sold as an add-on to commercial risk policies such as employers & public liabilityproperty and professional indemnity or offered on a standalone basis.

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