Why hotel insurance is important for you and your guests

Running a hotel as a business is pretty similar to running a shop in the retail industry. Having hotel insurance that protects your premise and the people inside it is crucial – you wouldn’t open a shop without having shop insurance. As your guests are planning to stay on your premise, they deserve to feel protected. Hotel insurance will not only give yourself peace of mind, but also your guests as well.

Accidents happen

Unfortunately, stopping an accident from happening is sometimes out of your hands, however there are always measures you should set in place to prevent them as much as possible. It could just be as simple as your guest slipping on a coffee spill. If this happens, your guest can make a claimagainst you for negligence and decide to seek compensation for any injuries they sustain, medical expenses and also legal fees. A hotel insurance policy with public liabilitycover will pay for these costs, (depend on what level of cover you have) giving yourself peace of mind over any unexpected accidents involving your guests.

Protect the premises

Accidental fire, flood or weather mishaps can cause serious but also costly damage to your hotel and the contents inside. In order to successfully run a hotel you need to have items such as; furniture, towels, bedding, kitchen utensils, etc. Therefore, replacing all this without any insurance cover could be very costly, if you have to pay for it all yourself it could unfortunately put serious strain on your finances and even put you out of business! Contents insurance is a vital part of running your own hotel.

Could your hotel be at risk of theft?

Guest travelling with expensive items such as mobile phones, laptops, other electrical items and jewellery is not uncommon. Remember that both your staff and guests could claim against yourself as you’re the hotel owner! Always protect not only your guests but also your staff against a unforeseen potential theft.

What will my hotel insurance policy cover?

The first step to getting your hotel insurance sorted, is to understand exactly what your policy will cover. There are a few different options available, therefore, depending on the cover you take out they could differ slightly. Our premiums mainly focus on the key areas of:

Contents Insurance

Personal Money

Contents Insurance

Personal Money

Personal injury (Robbery)

Business interruption (standard cover)

Book Debts

Loss of licence

Public Liability

Employers liability

For a more in depth explanation about each of these key areas, take a look at our hotel insurance page. Or contact us today if you require any more information regarding hotel insurance prices or requirements.

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