Hotel & Guest House Insurance

Why do I need Hotel or Guest House Insurance?


Insuring your Hotel or Guest House may not be top of the agenda whilst running your business, but it is an essential part of protecting your livelihood. You require a trusted partner to deal with your Hotel or Guest House Insurance, to ensure you are adequately covered for any eventuality. Whether it be the building, the staff/guest or the income, these are all parts of your business that need to be protected.

Reputation and recommendation play a large part in the selection of a Hotel or Guest House insurance. Whether it is for a Business trip or a Romantic weekend away, a policy needs to apply to your needs for your business.

Todd and Cue have been brokering Insurance for the Leisure sector since 1979 ensuring our knowledgeable broking staff, in-house claims team and bespoke tailored Hotel & Guest House insurance scheme, offer the best service and cover available in the market today.


What’s the difference between Hotel, Guest House and Bed and Breakfast insurance?


Hotels are usually an establishment that provides guests with a place to stay. Most Hotel rooms usually come with an en-suite bathroom. They have a designated eating area for Breakfast and dinner. There is usually a receptionist to help at any time if needed, with 24-hour service.

Guest Houses are different from Bed & Breakfast. Guest Houses are usually a full-time business compared to Bed and Breakfasts, however, do not have a 24-hour receptionist like Hotels. Guest Houses are VAT registered, unlike most Bed & Breakfasts. Guest Houses usually have less than 15 bedrooms available, compared to Hotels which have considerably more.


How much will Hotel insurance cost me?


All policies can be tailored to the individual needs of your business. We have great policies which are very competitive, so get a quote from us and see what Todd & Cue can offer you.


If you require a Hotel & Guest House insurance quote, get in contact with us on 0191 482 0050.

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