Brexit Doubts For SMEs

Brexit. It’s on the television, in the papers and it’s affecting businesses left, right and centre. Chances are by the time you have even got into work in the morning you have either read something about it or heard something on the radio. It’s the unavoidable topic circulating the country at the moment. With the vote to leave scheduled to originally be implemented on 29 March, it was then delayed until 12 April, and now it’s looking like a further delay has been agreed until 31 October.


It has been reported that a staggering 70% of small businesses have no strategic plan for Brexit. With 40% having an uncertain outlook on the issue and only one fifth of SMEs having a positive attitude towards it, it is sure that it is a clear problem for many small business owners up and down the country.


How can Todd and Cue help with SMEs during the Brexit conversation?


It is always advised that all SME businesses have a secure insurance policy cover in place to protect against all areas that may affect the company and pose a risk or threat to reputation, cost issues and/or staffing areas.


Here at Todd and Cue we offer SME insurance packages to a wide range of sectors from tradesmen, hotels and guesthouses, offices, pubs, property and landlord, shops and sports clubs.


What do your packages cover?


All of our SME insurance packages cover varied areas depending on the industry of the client and what is of priority to be covered and protected. For example, if you are in the hotel and guesthouse industry then your cover can consist of insurance to cover your contents, employers and public liability, and a standard cover of business interruption. Whereas if your business is within the pub insurance you may want events insurance for example. It can all vary from business to business and whatever services your business delivers.


Small Business Insurance

How do I go about getting SME insurance?


Simply give us a call on 01914820050 and one of our professionals will be more than happy to discuss your enquiry and industry specific package perfect for you from us here at Todd and Cue.

Todd & Cue has grown consistently over the years, primarily through client recommendation, to become one of the UK’s leading independent insurance brokers and risk managers. Total client focus, with excellence in all aspects of service coupled with our growing buying power ensures that you will receive competitive insurance premiums and a true value for money service resulting in a complete and cost effective package.

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