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What do we mean by Business Interruption?

Business interruption refers to a period of time when you are unable to trade in typical fashion. Your business is interrupted by an event that stops you from carrying on as normal which leads to financial loss, extra expenses, being unable to pay wages, and a range of other issues.

The interruption may be caused by an event such as burst pipes that cause flooding and damaged stock or a piece of machinery breaking down that can’t be repaired and so your business cannot fulfill orders.

Business interruption insurance will help to protect you from any losses incurred as a result of this interruption.

Why is it important to have insurance for Business Interruption?

In life and business we experience many unexpected events. Business interruption insurance will protect your business from events outwith your control as listed above.

Restricted trading has a huge impact on a business. Business interruption cover aims to returnĀ  you back to a trading position quickly.

What our Insurance can cover

Here are some of the types of things that interruption insurance can cover:

Any unexpected insurable event

All types of insurance are designed to help you when an unexpected or unintended event happens. With business interruption insurance, this may be a fire or severe flood from a burst pipe in your premises or a vital piece of machinery or other physical assets being damaged beyond repair or being stolen.

These types of events are unexpected but have a massive impact on the running of your business and may mean that you can’t trade at all. This can then lead to huge financial losses and potential loss of reputation if orders can’t be fulfilled. Business interruption insurance cover will protect you against those losses and help to get your business back up and running.

Storms, floods, and other extreme weather conditions

A business interruption such as storm or flood damage, or other significant damage caused by extreme weather conditions may mean that you can’t use your premises. Or it may be that the weather conditions have caused damage to a certain part of your premises which has then caused significant damage to a vital piece of equipment meaning you can no longer trade.

In those circumstances, business interruption insurance can help to put your business back in the same trading position as it was before the weather event happened.

Fires, explosions, and other crisis situations beyond your control

A fire or explosion caused by something beyond your control is likely to have a massive impact on your business. Not only will it damage your business premises, but it is likely that stock and machinery will be either destroyed or rendered unusable.

Making a business interruption claim on your policy can help you temporarily relocate to new premises, or cover your increased costs and consequential loss as a result of not being able to trade for a period of time while repairs are carried out or new machinery or stock is delivered.

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