Can New Driving Gadgets Affect My Motor Insurance?

Gone are the days where your main concern when choosing a new car was whether it will do its job of getting you from A to B safe and sound. Nowadays, new cars are fitted with so many different gadget technology options to essentially make your driving experience easier and more enjoyable, that when shopping for a new car they have people considering a whole list of factors from built-in SatNavs, touch display screens, hands-free mobile technology, parking sensors and so on. The list is endless, and of course, with more advanced technology comes a more advanced risk when it comes to repairing and settling claims if the unfortunate event of an accident or damage is caused to your motor vehicle.


It has been reported that throughout the past month, some of the UK’s biggest motor insurers have said that the cost of settling claims is rising as cars are now becoming even more high-tech and therefore complicated to fix.


The Complexity of New Gadgetry in Motor Vehicles


Of course having all the new technology in your brand new car looks and feels great! You don’t need an additional SatNav or Google Maps on your phone to direct your route, you can answer phone calls and have your text messages read out aloud to you while totally hands free and they can make parking your car in the local supermarket car park on a busy Saturday morning ten times easier with a built in camera display and parking sensors – essentially making your old fashioned manual checks fall lazy. But hey – if they’re available in your dream car then why not!


However – with complex technology comes complex repairs. And more than often, more costly repairs. In the past, if your car ever got bumped chances are it would take a garage a simple repair and check – however now with new gadgetry, a simple bump could have caused major errors with your built in technology that could result in repair time doubling, labour costs rising and overall hassle for you as the owner.


The Risk Of Theft With New Technology


Not only do new gadgets to the motor market cause difficulty with repairs and maintenance, they also can cause major safety risks. You may have heard of, or even own a car now that has the keyless feature. This can impose a major risk of Keyless Car Theft, which it has been reported that the industry paid out £376million for car theft last year, which is 27% more than in 2017.

What Motor Insurance Policies Can I Get With Todd & Cue?


Here at Todd and Cue, we want to cover your motor vehicles safely and securely. We can offer you and your business two different types of insurance policies such as:


 Motor Trade Insurance


Where we can provide a basis of two separate types: Road Risk Insurance and Motor Trade Combined.


 Commercial Vehicle Insurance


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If you or your business uses motor vehicles with new advanced technology built in to the system, then there could be a possibility that you could be open to the above risks. Todd and Cue can help by covering you with excellent motor vehicle insurance policies to make sure yourself, your business and your fleet are covered safely and securely. To discuss which insurance policy is best for your situation, get in touch today on 0191 482 005 and a member of our expert team would be more than happy to assist!

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