Is your printer secure?

We often hear many stories about cyber protection and the importance of it for businesses. We hear stories of major companies being a target, including the scandal last year of NHS and other major organisations web security being at risk. However, there isn’t as much talk on printer security, yet this is a growing area which hackers are targeting.

Most businesses have at least one printer and many have multiple around the office. With personal data and Wi-Fi printing being sent daily, information can be hacked and it is an easy route to your IT system. Many companies are now aware of the cyber security around IT, yet do not protect their printer security, which could potentially damage and wipe all the security you have.

Printers have evolved over the past few years, and now are becoming smart and technologically more advanced, putting them at more risk of security threats. As there are hundreds of millions of business printers in the world, only 2% of them are secure, making it an increasingly big target for hackers.


What are the risks?


As they are ever evolving, they face a number of threats including;

  • Unauthorised access to printer data

Make sure you have user profile recognition; this is to ensure that the right person is collecting the right documents. Therefore, it does not go to the wrong person and crucial information is printed to the correct person.

  • Unauthorised configuration changes

This can allow anyone to make changes to the configuration to route the printer jobs.

  • Print job manipulation

If in the wrong hands, this can include things like replacing, inserting new prints and deleting jobs in the printer.

  • Print data disclosure

If this is not secure, then hackers can access information and data from the memory, file system and hard drives, being able to access the IT system through this.


For more information on cyber security, then click here. Cyber security is so important as we are developing into a technology advanced era. With businesses being at the forefront of developing.

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