Tradesman Insurance

If you work within the Tradesman industry, then you will know just how important it is to ensure that both your workforce, and your tools and working environment is protected from potential risks with the correct insurance policy. Today we are going to help you with the risks that you could potentially be exposed to and tell you how our Tradesman Insurance can protect yourself and your business… 


The Potential Risks Without Tradesman Insurance


One of the major risks that every tradesman could be at risk of if not correctly covered with insurance is the fear of tools being stolen. Whether it be in your work van or on the premises of where the work is being carried out, a tradesman’s tools are the key to their craft, and without them, the job can be very difficult to carry out. Not only the inconvenience that stolen tools can cause, but they can also be very pricey to recover and replace. 


Another area that you could suffer from without the correct Tradesman Insurance policy is a risk to the wellbeing of your workforce. Whether you are fixing a motor vehicle or working at height replacing a roof – accidents can happen and with the correct policy included within your tradesman package, your workforce can be ensured that they are covered at all costs. 


A risk of break-ins to your working premises can also be a risk to any tradesman business. Usually, your workforce will store tools, machinery, important and confidential documents, and if you were to fall victim to a break in then all of this could be at a major risk. 


What Our Tradesman Insurance Protects:


You can alter your level of protection by Tradesman Insurance to tailor to your specific business and what you deal with on a daily basis. Our Tradesman Insurance typically can provide cover for the following areas:


  • Public Liability –
    Public Liability insurance protects your business if a member of the public is injured or suffers any damage to their self or their property. 


  • Business Equipment Insurance –
    This aspect covers your tools and any equipment/machinery that your business utilises in order to get the job done if they were to get stolen or damaged through no fault of your own. 


  • Employer’s Liability Insurance – 

If you are your own boss and you employee colleagues, or contract workers to assist your business with projects then you will find that you are strongly advised to take out employer’s liability insurance which will ultimately protect you against the cost of compensation claims made from a member of your workforce. 


  • Business Interruption –

This insurance aspect simply helps your business get back on track from any disruption from an unexpected incident such as a fire or flooding that prevents you from carrying out the day to day tasks of your business. 


  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance –

Another great area that can be extremely helpful to have covered within your policy is Commercial Vehicle insurance. This can affect your business if your workforce drive company vehicles offered by yourself, meaning it is your responsibility to cover your entire fleet from any accidents that could occur while on the roads. 


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