Tradesmen Insurance

Do I need Tradesman Insurance?

As a self-employed tradesman, you must protect yourself from unexpected dangers which you face every day. Our Tradesmen Insurance Policies can cover your risks and allow you to grow your business into something bigger, safe in the knowledge that you and your clients are protected.

Every different aspect of trade have their own inherent dangers as part of the job and so it is imperative that the correct level of coverage is put into place to protect you should the worst happen.

We also cover employer’s liability insurance, a legal requirement should you have employees. This type of insurance will cover any legal bills or injuries which arise to any of your employees whilst working for you.

Tradesmen insurance also covers your risk for public liability if for whatever reason a member of the public is injured or has their property damaged by you or one of your employees and you subsequently face legal action, our policies will fully cover your expenses.

What does Small Business Tradesman Insurance cover?

As a tradesman you should also cover your tools and equipment against damage or theft, with rising costs in the industry, rates of theft have increased which could leave you without the essential tools of your trade. Small business tradesman Insurance covering your tools may be included as part of your policy or as an optional extra.

With such a wide range of choices for policies covering every eventuality of working as part of a trade, you will not be hard pushed to find a policy which covers your risks.

At Todd & Cue we can protect your business from risk and ensure your company grows without fear of legal action. We can also offer cover for high risk or unusual trades with our expertise and experience in the industry. Tradesmen Insurance is essential for your small business and will save you and your business if the worst should happen. Call us now for a small business insurance quote.

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