Things All SME Owners Should Know About Insurance

Here at Todd & Cue, we offer insurance for SME (small and medium enterprise). The right insurance cover is important for any business, big or small. It is important for SMEs to realise that insurance is an essential investment and not just an inconvenient cost. We have devised a list of important factors to take into consideration when looking for insurance cover for your SME.

Why do I need Insurance?

Insurance is designed to allow business owners to run their companies without worrying about any unexpected occurrences getting in the way. Smaller businesses could unfortunately completely close if a claim arose and they didn’t have the correct (or any) SME insurance cover. Whether that is, damage to your business premises, tools being stolen, accidental fire or other liabilities which cannot always be accounted for. Insurance gives your business the confidence to keep going – with the knowledge and peace of mind that your business is covered against any unfortunate incident.

Remember to budget for insurance costs

When drawing up your initial business plan, it is important to budget for insurance costs. Just like you would budget for staffing, premises, and advertising or marketing – insurance for any SME is essential. The cost of your insurance could vary depending on the specific logistics of your business.  

 Certain types of insurance are compulsory

Depending on your business, some types of insurance are mandatory. This will depend on a few factors – how you operate, and also what premises you operate in will play a huge part in the type of insurance cover you need. Once you have come to the realisation that insurance is a vital part of any business, the next step is defining your cover to suit your businesses needs. For example, if you own a pub, then getting pub insurance that covers you for any accidents on the premises, such as drink spillages leading to falls would make logical sense.

If you would like more information on SME insurance covers, then contact us or go to our SME insurance page for more details.


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