April 12th 2017
Car insurance rises for all drivers

In the last year, drivers have saw their car insurance premiums have gone up on average by £110 according to a comparison site. Due to more expensive repairs and the recent government changes to injury payouts, annual insurance has increased by 16%. In the year to March 2017, drivers paid on average £781 on comparison […]

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April 3rd 2017
Are you paying more for your car insurance?

You may be paying more because of this one simple mistake. Car insurance could be costing you more if you are paying for your car insurance in monthly instalments. Recent news articles have shown that you could be paying on average £250 more a year. More than 50% of motorists are paying more because they […]

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March 21st 2017
£1200 insurance cap to be debated by MP’s

Today, MP’s will debate whether or not car insurance costs for young people should be capped at £1200 a year. This follows after a there was an online petition that was signed by over 185,000 people. E-petitions that attract more than 100,000 signatures need to be considered for a debate in parliament. This comes on […]

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February 13th 2017
Insurers now track your phone

Insurers will know be able to track drivers that are texting or making phone calls illegally. This in turn would increase insurance premiums for those who were breaking the law. This would be monitored by existing “telematic” underwriting (this allows insurers to assess policyholders’ driving habits and skills). They would monitor if users phone’s are […]

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