July 20th 2017
Prediction: The Cyber Liability insurance market will double

Lloyds of London boss Inga Beale says that research they have conducted states that the cyber insurance market could double in the next three years. At the moment the cyber insurance market is estimated at about $3-3.5 billion, whereas by 2020, they believe this could easily go up to $6 billion. What does this mean […]

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July 13th 2017
How will GDPR affect you?

In May 2018, The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force. This will dramatically change the way organisations look after customer’s personal data. There are huge fines put into place if this legislation is breached, which could affect the future of a business. The new law will ensure that all companies who […]

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May 16th 2017
NHS Cyber attack affects over 45 trusts

Last Friday, a cyber attack disrupted IT services worldwide. It affected around 48 NHS trusts in the United Kingdom and also affected global delivery company FedEx . In total, the virus has believed to have led to around 57,000 infections in 99 countries. The cyber attack was a specific type of ransomware called WannaCry. Ransomware is […]

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February 2nd 2017
Small Business Insurance – Cyber Liability

Small business insurance Cyber-attacks are on the rise and according to the government nearly three-quarters of small and medium sized businesses have suffered a security breach, meaning not only large businesses are under attack, but the companies who believe that they are safe from cyber-attackers are also under hackers watch, and so small business insurance […]

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January 11th 2017
UK Lack of Cyber-Insurance Exposed

A UK Government report says, about 98% of large UK firms lack insurance that could help them recover from a serious cyber-attack. According to the report, 81% suffered a security breach in the last 12 months. The report aims to convince firms to buy insurance to help them manage escalating cyber-threats. Insurance can show companies […]

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