What you get with our Shop Insurance Cover

Having a trusted insurance cover in plan is vital to ensure that you are protected at all costs from a majority of different factors within the retail industry. Whether you own an independent shop, a small boutique chain or large franchise brand choosing the correct shop insurance cover can be made easy with the help from us at Todd & Cue. We are a Chartered Status Insurance Broker Newcastle offering our insurance services over a vast spectrum of sectors, industries and life areas in general.

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Why should I have Shop Insurance cover?

Before buying the premises to home your business there are a number of factors that you may face in the retail industry which may require you to take into consideration the type of back-up plans that are available with the correct insurance plan to stay safe and perform business duties with peace of mind. These factors may include having a back-up plan in place incase anything happens to the building itself that requires maintenance work to fix therefore an interruption in the motion of business occurs, if anything was to happen to cash held on the premises during business hours, legal expenses and many more.

What covers do we offer?

We offer a combination of both standard and optional covers that can be tailored to your needs – and the flexibility of our policies ensure that you only pay for the covers that you need.

So what is covered in our Shop Insurance policy?

  • A 24 hour emergency and legal helpline which provides free help when you need it most.
  • Cover of up to £5000 if something happens to your cash while on your premises during business hours, and then up to £1000 out of business hours.
  • Accidents happen therefore we offer a public liability cover where we give you £2 million protection.
  • Glass replacement cover with a 24-hour glass replacement service to ensure that we can quickly fix windows, doors or partitions for you to carry on business as usual.
  • 80% of businesses can go bankrupt after a serious fire so we offer a Business Interruption cover for support.
  • Legal expenses – which provides cover for both contract and employment disputes, data protection and more.
  • Employers liability cover offering £10 million protection to cover legal obligations if you employ people.
  • And in the retail world we know that certain periods of the year can be busier than others so we will offer seasonal increases where we will give you a 25% increase in stock cover* automatically at no extra cost.

To support our services we also offer a monthly payment option where you can choose to pay your annual premium by Direct Debit monthly to help spread the cost, in addition to having expert claims management where we will take care of negotiating with third parties on your behalf so that you can get on with everything else to do with your business.

Can I add additional covers?

Of course! Because you only pay for the cover you need based on your individual shop, we want you to get as much quality from your insurance plan as possible, therefore we offer the additional extras that you can add to your policy:

  • Subsidence claims can be very expensive so we offer subsidence cover – if buildings are insured.
  • A cover of up to £5000 for theft by employees.
  • Protect your shop from terrorism risks with our Terrorism cover.

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