Five Things You Need To Know About Our Restaurant Insurance

Now we are into the full swing of Autumn, as a restaurant owner or manager you may expect to see a boost in the number of diners coming to join you for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Eating out can be classed as a luxury to many, and especially at this time of year when we have many annual festivities to look forward to such as Halloween and Christmas! And while it was reported that last year the UK spent over £49 billion on eating and drinking out, it is clear that there is a lot of money to be made for restaurants and local eateries. However, this also means that it is vital that you ensure that you are protected with the correct and efficient Restaurant Insurance Policy Cover that you can get, to sail through the busiest time of year with total ease.

From dealing with food safety, to selling alcohol on your premises and managing the potential of accidental trips and falls – ensuring that you get the right insurance cover is essential! Just like food, Restaurant Insurance requires the correct ingredients in order to be successful! Which is why Todd and Cue are here to help you create the perfect recipe! 

Here are five things that every Restaurant owner needs to know about our
Restaurant Insurance Policy here at Todd and Cue…

Five Things You Need To Know About Our Restaurant Insurance

Why Restaurant Insurance Is ESSENTIAL!

Starting with the basics – now we understand that completing the groundwork of actually insuring your restaurant is not the most fun nor exciting part of having your own business… but it is, however, the most essential! Especially when it comes to the busier times of year and you have a full house of both young and old, you are at risk of accidents that are beyond your control, and the last thing you want is the added stress or worry about fighting off any claim that may get thrown your way! Afterall, you have enough to think about! 

Taking out Restaurant Insurance with Todd and Cue can protect you from any potential issues that may occur, so you have one less thing to worry about! 

What Insurance Your Restaurant Needs

Your specific insurance needs will differ from each individual and each premises. Depending on how many people you are able to sit in your restaurant, to how you may cook the food – do you perform show cooking for example? And so on. 

When you are setting up your own restaurant, you may wonder what kind of insurance you really need, and what is vital for running a successful and secure restaurant. Well this is where Todd and Cue step in. We can help you make sure that you receive the right insurance for your needs. We are able to provide you with a full breakdown of our Restaurant Insurance Policy and share competitive insurance policy rates, to beat any like for like quotes you may have received. 

By sharing all the right information about your business with us, we will be able to place your business into a category of premiums, ensuring that you are not paying over the odds for added extras that you may not actually require!

What Our Restaurant Insurance Includes

Taking out Restaurant Insurance with Todd and Cue includes protection for many different aspects that make up the official running of your business. Our premiums cover the following areas:

– Buildings

– Trade Content

– Frozen Foods

– Goods In Transit

– ‘All-Risks’

– Loss Of License

– Household Contents

– Personal Accident 

– Equipment Breakdown

If you find that you only require specific areas of insurance needs, then please don’t hesitate to download our full Public House and Restaurant Policy PDF – which gives you a full breakdown of exactly what is covered under each section, and give us a call for a quick quote or to speak to a member of our team for assistance! 

Who You Need To Protect With Your Insurance

To run a successful restaurant, it takes a village! You have your Chef, Waiting Staff, Front of House, Management, Cleaners/Maintenance (if necessary), and of course – your number one necessity – your customer. Therefore you have not only yourself, the building, the contents and your reputation to protect, but the people who help you to make it possible! The following cover that you can take out with Todd and Cue is highly advised:

Public Liability –

When your restaurant is open to the public, you never know when you may fall victim to a claim being issued against you. Wherever food and drink (especially alcoholic beverages) are served, you always run the risk of an opinion potentially causing you a problem. Not to mention potential slips and falls that could be complete accidental but result in leaving you with large legal costs if you don’t ensure that you have covered yourself! Don’t judge everyone by your own actions and responsibility – make sure you are protected from curveballs! 

Employers Liability – 

You know the saying ‘better the devil you know?’
Employers Liability is a legal requirement for anyone that hires employees. This includes part-time, full-time AND subcontracted staff, and covers you as the employer against any claims that may arise from an illness or injury at work, or any grounds of an unfair dismissal. If you don’t have this cover then you could find yourself with a fine of £2,500 a day! 

Protecting Yourself Against Problems Out Of Your Control 

Sometimes things occur that are completely out of your own control, and all you can do is deal with the consequences! But if you are self-employed, and have responsibility of a workforce relying on you financially then this “dealing with the consequences” is the last thing you want to do! There are two ways you can protect the bricks and water of your restaurant – being your Contents and Revenue! 

Contents Insurance – 

There are three areas that your business could fall victim to that can all happen completely out of your own control. Fire, Flood and Theft. This is why we have a Contents and Building insurance cover available to protect the bricks and water of your kitchen, for example your refrigerator, freezer, fryer and so on, that your business needs in order to function. Not only will this save you large replacement costs, but it will also provide you with peace of mind! 

Business Interruption Insurance –

Our Business Interruption Insurance here at Todd and Cue can help you cover any loss of earnings due to your business being closed for a period of time. This could be down to a number of different situations, however in times of an unfortunate crisis you don’t want to be concerned about both losing profit AND having a damaged reputation – so taking out Business Interruption Insurance is a vital accessory.

Restaurant Covered By Insurance

Cover Your Restaurant With Todd And Cue

If you would like to discuss our Restaurant Insurance with a member of our experienced team, please do not hesitate to get in touch today! For a free quote or our professional advice, simply give us a call on 0191 482 0050 or email us at

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