Pub trends 2018

People are steering towards pubs more and more these days. Pubs are changing and 2018 is no different. – As we are half way through 2018, we thought we would show you the latest pub trends and how they are going to change the way people socialise and drink.


Craft beer

The rise for independent craft beer is ever more so now. Many are making the switch to craft beer, and so micro-breweries are becoming a big trend, helping with the demand for this new era.


Live music

Everyone loves live music, it makes the atmosphere an enjoyable place to go to. Accommodating for all types of genres, helping attract new audiences is a great way pubs are growing. Live music creates a great attraction to the pub, and therefore creating a great environment to the pub.



It is important for your pub to be on trend, bringing it into the 21st century. Wi-Fi is becoming a great attraction to pubs and for many is a necessity in this digital era. In addition to this, contactless payment is becoming a must for making payments.


Gin Gin Gin

The popularity of gin is on the rise. Therefore, this is becoming a big attraction point for pubs to serve different types. A great way to show off the gin is to have all types on display as transparency is key and it will help attract new customers walking by.


So, if you are thinking of starting a pub, it may be worth taking in some of these tips. And remember, pub insurance is essential. It will be different for each business, therefore, if you are wondering which policy to get, get in touch with us. We are always happy to help!

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