Pub Trade: Preparation To Avoid A Slow January

I know what you are probably thinking – ‘It has JUST turned December, why are you talking about January already?!’ but bear with us. 

January can often be a time of slow trade in the Pub industry. Customers are often spent up with Christmas shopping, festive nights out and are eagerly awaiting their next pay day. And here at Todd and Cue, we are all about providing a solution to your problems and planning ahead, putting protection in place. So we thought we would share some of our top tips for preparation that you can put into place right now, to avoid a somber January… 

Preparing To Avoid A Slow January

Bring Your Punters Out Of The House –

Not only could your customers be a little bit pushed for cash after Christmas, but the lingering of dark, wet and cold evenings are no help either! It is too easy to enjoy a tipple in the house, in the comfort of your own home in front of your favourite box-set. So what can you do to persuade them to put on their shoes, and make a trip to your pub?

Why not focus on exactly what your customer is telling you. If they have mentioned they want to improve their fitness in the New Year, then why not look into hosting a fitness class in your premises once a week? Or if they are looking to socialise more, why not invent a brand new pub quiz to gather their friends around one table and get stuck into? 

The possibilities are endless, but it all it really requires is that you truly listen to what your customer is telling you, and tailor their experience. 

Introduce Something New –

Pubs can be very traditional, routine-like venues. You generally know what to expect from each of your locals, so why not think of offering something new in the New Year? 

If your passing trade throughout the day time is slower than normal, why not consider introducing an Afternoon Tea? This can bring new customers into your venue that may not necessarily be heavy drinkers, ensuring you still get a profit coming through the door! 

Or how about you venture out into offering a more varied list of hot drinks? Introduce new blends of coffee, tea and hot chocolates – the perfect winter warmers through the cold months! 

Support Local Business –

More than likely, you will not be the only pub who is experiencing a slow spell throughout January. So why not support each other and team up to promote a special offer? Not only are you supporting your fellow local businesses but this could bring brand new custom into your venue, which sets you up nicely for the New Year! 

Dry January –

This may sound extremely contradictory – however, hear us out. A lot of people now try and stick of ‘Dry January’ for as long as they can, which can have a heavy impact on the pub trade. 

So why not be a pub that promotes ‘Dry January’, and supports the locals trying to lower their alcohol intake throughout the first month of the year. Instead, you can offer a brand new food menu, or an exciting new range of soft drinks or alcohol-free cocktails. 

Your local custom will appreciate how you can be diverse in what you offer and tailor your pub to what your customer is looking for. This way, you are not missing out on making a profit, and you are still getting your regular trade in, just tailoring their experience to what they are exactly looking for! 

Revisit Your Insurance Policy –

If you are experiencing a slow trade throughout January, then this can be a useful time to take  a look over your Pub Insurance Policy, and ensure that you are covered efficiently for everything that you may need, and look at putting extra cover in place for the New Year. 

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