The Potential Claims Your Hotel Could Face

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If you run a hotel then you will know the possible dangers that you are at risk of when you are dealing with the general public on a daily basis and if you do not have an eligible Hotel Insurance policy in place. A hotel holds personal details of its guests and hosts bedrooms, lobbies, restaurants, cleaning services and many more – all natural areas that could cause an issue within insurance claims – but fear not! Here at Todd and Cue we are here to help outline the possible dangers you could find your hotel being at risk of and what policies you can take out with us in order to protect your business, your workforce and your reputation…


The ‘Potential Claims’ Areas




The hotel industry is expected to have locks on doors and any accessible windows in addition to a certain British standard door lock on the front door in order to keep your guests and their belongings safe but to also avoid any hefty claims that could potentially come your way if you were to have a break-in. if you don’t carry out the correct lock and key solutions to protect the risk of robbery and any possible injury through a robbery incident then there is a high possibility that you are at risk of your insurance company denying your claim all together, as you have not complied with their advice and your policy guidelines.


Fire Hazards


If your hotel has a restaurant in-house then you will find that you could be at risk of fires in the kitchen that you should make sure that you outline adequate measures for. Not only can fires cause serious harm to both yourself, your workforce and your guests but they can also pose a threat of interruption to the operations of your business resulting in a loss of profit and reputation.


Public Liability


The area of a public liability claim is a lot more complicated that other straight-forward claims that could be processed. Public Liability is ultimately a large umbrella which potential grey areas stem from, for example:


Slippery Surfaces


If your hotel has a bar area then your staff must be careful at all times while serving drinks and if any drinks get spilt then the correct precaution of putting out ‘wet floor’ signs should be placed for the public to see, to avoid slipping and possibly injuring themselves, causing quite the costly claim for yourself. Another bar-related risk could be the danger of smashed glass. If you see a crack or chip in a glass that could pose a threat to causing injury to a guest of your hotel, then simply remove it.


Food Poisoning


With multiple staff working in a hotel kitchen, there could always be the possibility of food being undercooked, left out of the refrigerator exceeding the recommended time and utensils not being cleaned efficiently in between the preparation of multiple different dishes, which can ultimately spread bacteria leading to the consumer feeling unwell. 


Clear Signage


When you run a business that involves the general public visiting and spending large amounts of time there then it is extremely important to present clear signs to prevent any injury that could lead to a potential public liability claim – for example near any staircases / steps, doors, uneven floors and so on. No matter how big or small you think it is, if it could pose a potential risk to the safety of your guests or even employee’s, make sure you cover yourself with the correct Health and Safety guidelines.

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Employers Liability


From the point of view of the hotel owner or employer, you have a responsibility to make your health and safety policy and guidelines clear to your employees in order to make sure that the entire workforce is on the same page and understands what is expected of them in regards to the safety of the overall running of the business.


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