Insurance Industry Trends For 2020

As the market for insurance cover is simultaneously growing and evolving year on year, the need for speed on the insurance industry is essential to be able to be a lead provider for insurance cover for your existing and potential clients. It is reported that 20% of customers say that their insurance provider has no customer tailored experience – don’t let that be you, and take a read at what insurance industry trends you should be looking out for in 2020…




There are a lot of relatively new taxi services operating across the UK that makes it super easy to book and pay for a taxi on your mobile phone. However – some drivers may be under a rideshare insurance policy. With a lot of these businesses, the drivers are classed as freelance and therefore quite often enough, a driver will use their car for both personal and professional use. This can present an unclear level of insurance cover as a personal policy would offer no protection for the driver if the vehicle is used for business – but then a commercial insurance policy is only for vehicles strictly used for professional, no personal use at all. With ridesharing being relatively new, it is recommended that insurers look into rideshare regulations to bridge a gap in their policies


Online Security 


Your security online is always a crucially important factor for everyone, whether you are a business or just for your own personal protection. Meaning it is always a constant area to watch and make continuous improvements on, looking for new developments and being aware of any future risks that could pose as a possible threat. Check out what Cyber Liability Insurance cover we can provide you with here at Todd and Cue. 


Self-Drive Vehicles


As technology develops, we are introduced to so many everyday objects having a digital reinvention. One popular one is the topic of self-drive motor vehicles. But what happens if an accident were to occur when your car is in motion? Who does the fault lie with, if the driver isn’t actually driving the vehicle? Or the manufacture, but then as soon as the vehicle leaves their hands are they free from responsibility?


All-In-One Policies


Wouldn’t it just be so easy if you could group together everything that you pay for insurance on and have an all-in-one policy? Well this is looking to be a trend for 2020, providing convenience to an otherwise known hassle



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