5 tips to keep your business data secure

If you own a business, then keeping your data secure is vital to protect you from any security breaches. This could be anything from financial records and marketing materials to your customers banking and staff details. It can be difficult to keep this data secure, so we have created these 5 simple steps to help you safeguard your online assets and help keep your business data secure.


#1 Protect your network

Internet security

Your network needs to be protected from malicious malware software. This can cause damage without you knowing. It could hack into your system taking all of the information on your system.
Make sure you have a firewall as well; this goes further to protect your internet system. It will protect your system against hacking, identity theft and suspicious websites.


Buying a cyber liability insurance package will help your business be protected from hackers into your software. As your company will use IT software and it may have customers’ information, cyber liability insurance will decrease the risk of threat.


#2 Do not use public Wi-Fi


If you are wanting to work on the go or in a café with public Wi-Fi, then don’t! This is one of the easiest ways hackers can hack into your system. Where possible, use secured access, pre-paid data like dongles or wait until you know the Wi-Fi.


#3 Don’t ignore BYOD


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is increasing in the workplace. This is where employees use their own devices to work on, whether it be their mobiles to read emails on or their own laptops to do some extra work on.

Most of the time many businesses don’t include or take note of this rising risk. Businesses need to make sure they include sufficient measures to prevent an attack or loss of information. In order to tackle this issue, the business could introduce an ‘at work use policy’ as it is difficult to stop mobile use within the business.

Therefore, there are several options to use for mobile security, the business could offer a security app which every employee has to download, or by giving each employee a work mobile to ensure only work related calls, emails and texts are being used.


#4 Turn off your Bluetooth


When you are not using Bluetooth, make sure you turn it off. Hackers can easily hack into your mobile and access your phone through this feature.

If you implement these steps into your business, it will hopefully make it much difficult for hacks to gain access to important information. Make sure you retell this new information to your staff. As it will be no benefit if some are not co-operating with the new rules.


#5 Password protect your device

This seems like an obvious statement. However, research has shown that 33% of Android users do not have a password on their phone. Additionally, the most popular laptop password is either ‘123456’ or ‘password’.


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