Top tips to protect your business from cyber attacks

Todd and Cue Insurance understand how important it is for businesses to protect themselves cyber crime with cyber liability insurance. That’s why we have 5 top tips to help you protect your business from cyber crime:

1. Managing your data

It’s very important to consider and assess what information the company might hold and the risks associated with this. It’s also important to remind yourself of how this information is stored (intranet or flash drives).

Many businesses will have their customers details from past sales so it is important to make sure you have taken out the correct insurance to protect your customers from hackers.

2. Access to data

It’s important to realise how much data your company actually has and who has access to this data. By making sure that the people who handle the data are the only ones who have access to data.

3. Staff training

It’s important to make sure that all staff are trained on how to handle and store data in the correct manner to prevent any cyber attacks. Sometimes simple mistakes can lead to larger breaches, that’s why it is important to make sure that staff know what practices need to be put in place to prevent these hacks. The risk from compromising information accidentally (e.g. having a laptop stolen), negligently (e.g. sending an email to the wrong person or clicking on a malicious link in a phishing email) or maliciously (e.g. taking a client list when moving jobs) can be greatly reduced by relevant training.

4. Latest software updates

By making sure that your company is up to date with the latest software and app updates, there is a smaller chance that your company will fall victim to a cyber attack. It’s important if it’s a mobile or home computer to do this. The vital security upgrades will protect devices from viruses and hackers. According to the National cyber security centre some of the most important actions people and businesses can do is to update their software.


5. Cyber liability insurance

Through having strong cyber liability insurance with a reputable insurance company can help you to protect from any cyber hackers and in the event of a cyber attack the insurance will be able to help cover you.

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