August 16th 2017
More SMEs are suffering cyber liability insurance breaches

Within the last year, almost 16% of SMEs have been victims of a cyber-attack. This 16% equated to nearly 875,000 businesses nationwide. A staggering 21% stated that the attack cost them more than £10,000. And 1 in 10 businesses stating that it cost them more than £50,000, meaning without cyber liability insurance, this could cost […]

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August 2nd 2017
Could a cyber-attack cost more than a natural disaster?

Lloyds of London, the world’s oldest insurance market has stated that serious cyber-attacks could be more damaging for the global economy than incidents such as world natural disasters. Lloyds state that a cyber-attack could cost around £92bn on average. 2 months ago, there was a huge cyber-attack world-wide, with one of the biggest hits in […]

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July 20th 2017
Prediction: The Cyber Liability insurance market will double

Lloyds of London boss Inga Beale says that research they have conducted states that the cyber insurance market could double in the next three years. At the moment the cyber insurance market is estimated at about $3-3.5 billion, whereas by 2020, they believe this could easily go up to $6 billion. What does this mean […]

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May 11th 2017
Increased demand for cyber liability insurance

Cyber liability insurance is important for many businesses as a cyber attack can be devastating to a company, both for financial reasons and reputation reasons. High-profile computer breaches like the hack of the Democratic National Committee and the Twitter Swastika Hack are reinforcing the need for protection against cyber threats. Current predictions see premiums for cyber liability tripling over the […]

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April 19th 2017
How social media posts can damage your brand’s reputation

Social media is now part of the modern digital world and it’s important to have training or look into some sort of cyber liability insurance for your business. Experts have made it clear that employees should be careful about what they post on social media and try a create a line between personal and professional […]

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