What To Cover In Your Pub Insurance Policy

Anyone who manages their own pub will know that it is not always a straight-forward journey and there will be obstacles thrown in the way from time to time. But you can make sure that you are covered with suitable insurance policies to prevent any major issues impacting your livelihood. Let us tell you more about how we can help here at Todd and Cue

Insurance Policies that your Pub needs

Contents and Building Insurance

Building Insurance is valid if you OWN the building that your pub is based in. And Contents Insurance is important to ensure that the vital contents of your building that you use daily to keep your business afloat are protected against disasters such as a fire, flooding and/or if you suffer a break in. Depending on where your pub is located can determine the type of insurance you can get cover for and how much it will be. For example, if your pub is situated near a main road, it may affect your policy due to an increased risk of incident. Contact us today at Todd and Cue to get the expert advice that you need to make sure that your business is covered to it’s best potential.

Public Liability Insurance

We strongly advise that as a pub-owner you do your research into Public Liability Insurance because accidents may occur, for example where drinks are served and consumed on the premises they may get spilled or dropped therefore slippery surfaces can be common, broken glass could be a possibility and of course trips and falls may occur if you have stairs that are in use or again, slippery surfaces. Our Public Liability policy covers for any claims of bodily injury, physical injury, advertising injury or property damage and they also provide cover for the cost of defending and settling claims.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

No matter if your staff are full time, part time or subcontracted it is a legal requirement to have Employer’s Liability Insurance otherwise you may end up subject to a penalty. An Employer’s Liability Insurance policy is in place to protect you and your business from claims against injury at work and unfair dismissal territory.

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If you are a new pub-owner or you have been in the pub industry for years but want to know more about our Pub Insurance policies, or would like to request a free quote – give us a call today and we would love to be assistance with our expert brokers advice to ensure you a safe and successful future!

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Todd & Cue has grown consistently over the years, primarily through client recommendation, to become one of the UK’s leading independent insurance brokers and risk managers. Total client focus, with excellence in all aspects of service coupled with our growing buying power ensures that you will receive competitive insurance premiums and a true value for money service resulting in a complete and cost effective package.

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