Is this the future of insurance?

Insurers could now use the location services on your phone to monitor your whereabouts allowing customers to change their cover minute by minute. This gives users an “on demand” insurance service.

The system would mean that a company could automatically change the type of insurance a customer has depending on what they need at a particular moment which is great for any last minute plans. This technology is focused towards the younger generation with the aim of getting more people insured.

The idea is similar to car insurance telematics plans which offer users discounts if they allow insurers to record when, where and how they are driving. This plan could help many people to save money on their insurance and make sure they are receiving the correct cover at the right time.

For example, if a cyclist is at home, their bike would be covered under their home insurance policy. A GPS tracker in their phone would know when they had left the house and automatically switch their insurance on.

When travelling, they would need liability insurance – which protects them against legal claims if they are alleged to have injured someone else.

There are some concerns on the security of this software as it is coming from the US and they have different privacy laws in comparison to the EU.

Dr Natalie Moreno, of law firm “It looks like a US business which considers issues from a US law perspective. In the EU the law says you need to opt in to receive marketing emails, and the privacy policy suggests that you have to opt out in this case. I would be concerned that you might be bombarded with marketing emails from US companies, especially if you have location consent on and go on a trip abroad,” she said.


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