How will learning to drive disadvantage young drivers?

It is becoming more and more expensive to learn to drive, which is why more young people are learning to drive in their late 20’s. With high tuition fees from instructors and high premiums, these are all adding to young drivers waiting till their late 20’s to start learning.

The average learner is will take nearly 50 hours of professional driving lessons to be able to pass. This ultimately means that the price of lessons will be extremely expensive. According to AA, this is leading teenage drivers to abandon learning altogether.

It is stated by the AA that people are learning to drive when they graduate as priorities change and a car is a necessity when going into full time employment.

How much will it cost?

On average it will cost someone around £800 from start to finish to pass their driving test. To many this is too expensive and so will need to wait until later life to think about this stage.

Insurance premiums are at their highest, so despite paying all that money by learning to drive, the biggest bulk of the cost is likely to be your insurance. For the average 18-year old who has passed their test and is wanting to go on their own policy will be expecting to pay around £2,000 for their first annual insurance policy.

How to save money?

One way to reduce this price is to become a name driver on someone else’s policy. This will not allow you to start building your no claims, however, it will be a lot cheaper for the short run. Yet if you are going to be the main driver of that car this is illegal, and so you would have to re-think about other options including the telematics box.

One other way which could allow your insurance to become cheaper, is to install a telematics box. This could reduce your premium significantly, and for future premiums if you are considered a safe driver. These are boxes that are fitted to your car, and it will analyse your driving, if this is deemed to be safe, your insurance policy will likely to go down, making it cheaper for years to come. On average a telematics box could save you up to £500, which is ¼ of the average premium price for 18 year old

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