Do I Need Business Travel Insurance?

Business Travel Insurance is an area that is becoming more aware and significant to organisations both big and small in the business industry as the natural need for dealing with international relations increases. Your employees are most likely one of the main keys to your business’ success with the hard work, dedication and time that they put in on a daily basis, and therefore you want to protect that as best to your potential in order to look after them as they look after you. Companies simply have an obligation to protect their employees welfare and safety while travelling from A to B for business duties. 

So What Is Business Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance covers you for the cost of unexpected situations or accidents that could occur while you are abroad, such as a lost laptop, addition expenses due to missed connections, reimbursement for cancelled flights and so on. It can also cover you for the potentially large cost of medical treatment if you are injured or happen to fall sick while out of the country – particularly in countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). 

If you happen to need medical treatment while travelling within the EEA, your EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) will allow you to receive treatment for free or at a reduced cost as people who permanently reside in the country. However – please note that the EHIC card is not an exact substitute for travel insurance and you should still take out a good travel insurance policy to protect yourself and/or your employees at all costs. 

What Could Happen If I Do Not Have Cover For My Employees?

Insufficient cover can lead to multiple problems and risks if an illness or political problem arises while a member of your workforce away on business travel. If you do not have any Business Travel Insurance for the employees of your company then you could face being prosecuted by the Corporate Manslaughter of Duty Of Care laws. 

What Cover Can Todd & Cue Supply My Business With?

Policies can vary depending on insurers, however in most cases, most policies will include: 

  • Emergency medical treatment costs, including hospital charges and ambulance fees.
  • Returning you home following medical treatment abroad if you cannot use your original ticket.
  • Reasonable additional transport and/or accommodation expenses for a close relative or friend to stay with you or travel from the UK to escort you if required. 
  • Temporary emergency dental treatment for the relief of immediate pain.
  • 24 hour assistance helplines to offer support and advice about appropriate treatment

There are also a list of additional covers that some policies can offer you that you should consider, being the following: 

  • Personal liability cover if you accidentally cause an injury to someone or damage their property and they choose to sue you.
  • Personal accident cover that pays a lump sum to you or your estate if you suffer a severe accident during your trip that results in permanent disability, or death.
  • Lost and stole possession cover.
  • Legal expenses cover helps you to pursue compensation or damages following personal injury while you are abroad – important in countries without a legal aid system.
  • Cover for cancellation and curtailment (cutting your trip short) in certain circumstances. 
  • Hazardous sports or leisure activities such as skiing or bungee jumping, you may need to extend your policy or buy a specialist policy to get cover for these. 

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