Is Your Business Covered By Cyber Liability Insurance?

Within the past couple of weeks, we were reminded that we are always open to risks of privacy invasion when technology is concerned. Of course, we are talking about the latest WhatsApp Hacking case. Our phones are one of the personal belongings that we never leave the house without, and we forget that while they are wonderful for providing us with so much access to the world, right at our fingertips, they are also vulnerable to major scams and hacks.

What Happened With WhatsApp?

WhatsApp, if you didn’t already know, is a global messaging App available to Apple and Android mobile phones, that is installed on 1.5 billion devices across the world. Just last week, attackers had exploited the system by installing spyware on to several users devices. This spyware had reportedly gained the attackers complete access to all content on the victims’ phones; including personal and corporate information, emails, contact details, camera, microphone, and the location of the owner of that particular handset.

Once WhatsApp had become aware of what was happening, they quickly urged all of their users to update their app as quickly as possible and to keep everything up to date.

Why Does This Concern My Business?

You may be wondering why exactly we are informing you about the latest technology attack, however, we are for very good reason. Business communication is mainly carried out through emails, phone calls and maybe even text messaging and even WhatsApp. With the hacking system gaining access to almost everything on your mobile, it means all of your form of communication could be vulnerable to attacks.

What Can I Do To Prevent Any Risks?

We highly advise that to aid in protecting yourself from any technical hacking scandals, you not only keep all of your apps and services up to date on your phone, but you also take out a sturdy and secure insurance policy cover (Cyber Liability Insurance) to ensure the maximum protection to your business, workforce and personal details.

What Is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Cyber Liability Insurance is growing more important on a daily basis due to the rise of technological use and cyber attack potentials. The policy is there to cover the losses relating to damage to, or of, information from IT systems and networks.

Where Can I Get Cyber Liability Insurance?

You’re looking right at it! Here at Todd and Cue, we provide an excellent Cyber Liability Insurance policy to protect your business from any potential privacy risks. We offer a first party and third party policy that includes different entitlements. You can check what our policies cover here for more information on the specifics. If you would like to take out your Cyber Liability Insurance with us today, give us a call on 0191 482 0050 and we would love to get you covered securely!

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