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Winter Driving Tips

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Don’t get caught out this winter by darker nights, frosty mornings or icy road conditions, adjust your driving habits to remain safe

Before you set off

Ensure you have a clear unobscured view of the world. Take 2 mins to clear you windows. Check your wipers clean the windscreen effectively and all lights are working.

Tyre tread

Whilst the legal limit may be 1.6mm, we would recommend at least 3mm during winter.

Frozen doors

Do not use hot water as the sudden temperature change can crack windows and cause damage, lukewarm water should be sufficient. Or a little tip is to spray some furniture polish on a cloth and wipe around the rubber door seals.

Driving in Ice and Snow

Slow down and leave more stopping distance! Stopping distances can easily quadruple in icy conditions. Use gentle manoeuvres to prevent skidding. Use higher gears to limit wheel spin on set off and use gears on deceleration to control the car more effectively. If you skid, drive into the skid and do not brake or accelerate until fulling in control. If you need to drive up  a hill try to avoid stopping part way by ensuring the road ahead is clear and you drive at a constant speed to avoid wheel spin.

Check your fluids

Ensure all your fluids are topped up, and your screenwash has sufficient additive to prevent it freezing or glazing your windscreen.


These can vary depending upon conditions, but if the weather is bad you should ensure someone knows where you are going, the route you are taking and your expected time of arrival. Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged and maybe carry a few chocolate bars…… just in case!

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