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UK Could Host Google Driverless Car Trials

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Google’s self-driving car project began in 2009 and they could be trialled on UK roads sooner than we think. Transport bosses are in “active discussions” with Google about trilling driverless cars in the UK. They have been tested extensively but London officials are hoping to bring them to the capital. Isabel Dedring, Deputy mayor for transport said “It’s going to have to work in big cities so why don’t we start trialling it now?”.

Google’s prototype of a driverless car relies on sensors and software to complete journeys. They are rounder than normal cars, enabling lasers, radars and cameras to detect objects in every direction. The Government announced earlier in the week that they would invest £20m in eight driverless car projects.

With this in mind, what would happen to car insurance in the UK if driverless cars were implemented? Would drivers see a decrease in premiums, or an increase?

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