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Telematics Proves Vital Preventing £500,000 Fraud – Insurethebox

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Insurance fraud cases worth £500,000 have been uncovered by telematics underwriting agency Insurethebox using data collected from black boxes inside cars.

The firm said it had used the data to disprove 31 claims, involving seven accidents over five months, and taken the drivers to court.

Insurethebox claims director Adrian Steele said, “There were many other causes for concern in these particular cases and in-depth investigation proved extremely fruitful in terms of evidence against the claimants.”

Marketing actuary Charlotte Hackett added, “We have seen what fraud looks like and we have seen real claims and they do not look the same. It is like a ball of wool, you pull one thing and it all starts unravelling.”

For the full article from Insurance Times, please click here.

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