August 11th 2017
How will learning to drive disadvantage young drivers?

It is becoming more and more expensive to learn to drive, which is why more young people are learning to drive in their late 20’s. With high tuition fees from instructors and high premiums, these are all adding to young drivers waiting till their late 20’s to start learning. The average learner is will take […]

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May 9th 2017
Are you being overcharged by £1400 on your car insurance?

Customers who don’t change their car insurance could be overcharged by as much as £1400 if they don’t switch providers. This is also the same for home insurance. An audit of 9,000 motorists and 8,000 homeowners by research agency Consumer Intelligence found that after three years the average driver was overpaying by £75 and the homeowner […]

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April 3rd 2017
Are you paying more for your car insurance?

You may be paying more because of this one simple mistake. Car insurance could be costing you more if you are paying for your car insurance in monthly instalments. Recent news articles have shown that you could be paying on average £250 more a year. More than 50% of motorists are paying more because they […]

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February 13th 2017
Insurers now track your phone

Insurers will know be able to track drivers that are texting or making phone calls illegally. This in turn would increase insurance premiums for those who were breaking the law. This would be monitored by existing “telematic” underwriting (this allows insurers to assess policyholders’ driving habits and skills). They would monitor if users phone’s are […]

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