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Smart Glasses ‘will be as popular as mobile phones’

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According to a leading manufacturer of the technology, augmented reality glasses will be as popular as laptops and mobile phones in as little as 10 years.

Alberto Torres, the chief executive of Atheer, a company making 3D interactive smart glasses, told Sky News the trend will initially move faster with professionals who work in the field, like medical workers or service engineers. “I believe that longer term, smart glasses are going to become a primary form of computing,” he said. “It’s the new wave of mobile computing.”

Last year Microsoft revealed its augmented reality Hololens was being used to help medical students stud anatomy, enabling them to see holographic layers of the human body. Augmented Reality should not be confused with VR headsets. VR headsets involves a headset that immerses you in a totally different environment, whereas AR allows you users to see the real environment whilst displaying images on top of that.

Source & full article: Sky News | Technology (Friday 16th September 2016)

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