Product Recall On Samsung Galaxy Note 7

This month, there has been a product recall on the popular Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone as there have been incidents of the phones exploding.

There have been around 2.5 million phones recalled in case of risk of them exploding or catching fire. Obviously, this is a huge safety risk to many users of the well known phone brand. Users have been warned to not switch their phone on as they have been exploding during or after users charging their phones.

All devices that are handed in from the 19th September will be replaced according to the South Korean company.

A statement by Samsung said, “Our customers’ safety is an absolute priority. Until a replacement device is provided, Samsung asks all customers with a Galaxy Note 7 smartphone to power down your device and return it to its place of purchase at your earliest opportunity”

Many airline passengers have been warned to not bring their Samsung phones on board after these reports as it could be a hazard to airline staff and passengers.

There have been bans placed on the Samsung Galaxy 7 phones by airlines including Singapore Airlines, Qantas and Virgin Australia.

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