Outcomes on the Insurance Market After Brexit

Todd and Cue have recently been mentioned in Insurance Age talking about the effects Brexit (see our previous article) has had on the insurance market and the North East.

Our director, Chris Scott talked about the importance of having strong relationships with people and our clients. Chris Scott joined Todd & Cue in 1981, two years after the business had opened.

Todd & Cue has grown to 26 employees and £17m of GWP, working in sectors such as transport and logistics, IT and the hospitality industry including pubs and restaurants. The strong relationship that Todd & Cue has with its clients is shown through its client base as 85% of its business comes from within a 30-mile distance.

Many brokers were surprised by the outcome of the Brexit vote including Todd & Cue. In Chris Scott’s view it has introduced uncertainty to the market but he believes that the people in the region will either grab any opportunities or cope with any setbacks. “The more progressive business people are saying it is done and we’ll make the best of it. I am anticipating a six to 12-month degree of stability, let’s not rush at anything,” he notes.

Adding: “The worst thing anyone can do now is whinge and moan about it. We have to get on with it. We will survive.”

The positivity is backed with pride: “Newcastle has always been considered a fun city, a party city. There has been a plethora of new hotels going up, construction has been doing okay. Lots of new bars have opened up,” he lists.

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