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NHS Patients Being Put ‘at risk’ Because of Cybersecurity Flaws

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The lack of investment by seven NHS trusts and systems which are out of date mean online security is weak, say experts.

A Sky News  investigation by several NHS trusts and systems that are out of date mean online security is weak, say experts.

In 2015, seven NHS trust that serve more than two million people, spent nothing on cybersecurity. Security experts Hacker House was able to find misconfigured email servers, outdated software and security certificates, along with NHS trusts’ emails and passwords, through public searches.

Jennifer Arcuri, co-founder of Hacker House said, “I would have to say that the security across the board was weak for many factors.

Out of date SSLs, out of date software, it was very clear that you could bypass any number of these trusts just by doing the right recon online.

Last week, two NHS trusts in Lincolnshire were forced to cancel operations after a virus infected their computer systems. Derriford Hospital in Plymouth was also targeted by hackers and had to restore its systems from back-up.

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