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Live Music Act: Q&As on pub karaoke

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This is the second article published with the Live Music Act (LMA) 2012 having been implemented today. Last week, we analysed the definition of live music-related conditions, the enforceability of conditions placed on a premises licence after a review, and what was meant by an “audience” of 200 people. Here are this week’s questions.

Does karaoke require any permission on a premises licence?

One question raised more than any by the licensing authorities is whether or not the LMA has the effect of making karaoke an unlicensable activity. It is quite clear that you cannot distinguish between a professional performer who is singing to an audience and a customer doing the same. Whether or not you could call what the customer is singing “music”, they are still performing to an audience and they are still performing “live music”.

The LMA was not designed to cover karaoke but rather promote and encourage local live bands playing in licensed premises.

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