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Government Criticised Over £9.3m Pro-EU Leaflet

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The Government has printed 27 million glossy 16-page leaflets explaining why remaining in the European Union is best for the UK’s interest. The leaflets are set to be sent out from last week.

The £9.3 cost will be a taxpayer-funded and comes in addition to the specific provision for a mass mailing for both the official Leave and Remain campaigns. Number 10 says it is responding to a public desire for more information from the Government about the referendum on the 23rd of June.

Boris Johnson said, the leaflet will be “hysterical” and argues it’s a “crazy” way to spend taxpayers’ money. He also went on to say, “If you are going to use taxpayers’ money you should allow people to put the other side of the case as well.”

What are your opinions on the matter? Was the money well spent? For the full article, click here.

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