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Todd & Cue are pleased to now be able to quote online for Public House Insurance. Whilst this will be an indicative quotation only, subject to Claims and Flood Areas, we feel it is a step in the right direction to providing our prospective clients with a 24/7 service. We will endeavour to contact any potential customer as quickly as possible, subject to our opening hours.

The latest message from British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) and North Yorkshire Police is reminding Licensees and Door-staff to not hand back fake ID’s.

Home Office advice is to retain them to prevent further use at another location, however if challenged they should involve Police.

General concensus appears that this likelyhood is slim though, as  “I would suspect that the person would know that they are in the wrong, they would be sheepish and probably shuffle away”, said Will Eastwood, Community Safety Sergeant at North Yorkshire Police


Brothers, Shakeel Awan and Imran Awan have been jailed for using a secret warehouse to store illegal vodka, before it was released into the UK market as part of a £50m duty fraud. They received sentences of 21 months and 14 months respectively, whilst an accomplice Michael Parker was given an 8 month jail sentence, suspended for 12 months plus a 200 hour community order. (more…)

Licensees should be vigilant about crime prevention in the lead-up to Christmas.

Many licensees will already have safe, alarms, CCTV and an array of other security measures in place, but still face the risk of a potential incident. Typically during the festive season pubs have more cash and products on the premises, making them an attractive target to criminals. (more…)

Newcastle City Council has become the latest council to consider on a late-night levy for pubs and bars that supply alcohol between midnight and 6am, in order to “reduce alcohol-related crime and disorder” in the city centre. (more…)

Recent Legislation in September 2012 has now made it a criminal offence to squat in residential properties. This has led to an increase in squatters targeting empty / closed commercial premises, with closed pubs becoming a prime target. (more…)

Absolut have recently updated their I-phone app, to specifically appeal to bartenders running busy pubs and bars.

Offering free personalised drink recommendations and cocktail ideas, now comes with a feature to enlarge the text, making it easier for bartenders to read whilst serving. The Collection feature can track favourite drinks, save list for specific events and allow users to browse Absoluts’ own pre-installed selections. (more…)

In six recent judgements licensees have been ordered to pay Sky significant damages for allowing the use of their domestic viewing cards in commercial areas of their pubs.

The damages ranging from £10k – £15k must be paid within 14 days following civil actions brought by Sky. (more…)

This is the second article published with the Live Music Act (LMA) 2012 having been implemented today. Last week, we analysed the definition of live music-related conditions, the enforceability of conditions placed on a premises licence after a review, and what was meant by an “audience” of 200 people. Here are this week’s questions.

Does karaoke require any permission on a premises licence?

One question raised more than any by the licensing authorities is whether or not the LMA has the effect of making karaoke an unlicensable activity. It is quite clear that you cannot distinguish between a professional performer who is singing to an audience and a customer doing the same. Whether or not you could call what the customer is singing “music”, they are still performing to an audience and they are still performing “live music”.

The LMA was not designed to cover karaoke but rather promote and encourage local live bands playing in licensed premises.

Nottinghamshire Police Authority is keen to see a late-night levy introduced on licensed premises in Nottingham, claiming too many crimes involving alcohol take place in the city during the early hours. (more…)