Apple To Invest ‘Heavily’ In Driverless Cars

After years of speculation, the tech giant publicly acknowledges it has plans to develop “autonomous systems”. 

Apple has revealed it is investing “heavily” and is “excited” in driverless vehicles and has called on the US highways regulator to promote “fair competition”.

Apple director of product integrity, Steve Kenner, said the firm wanted to “help define the best practices for the industry”. apple-car-image-01

The company has an electric car project, codenamed ‘Titan’, which has been in        the works for around two years. In September, the New York Times reported Apple     had narrowed its ambitions and sacked dozens of their employees as part of the project’s “reboot”.

Apple has said working on Titan would concentrate on developing underlying technologies for autonomous vehicles, rather than designing and producing a complete self-driving car. Supercar firm McLaren approached by Apple, but have denied it is in talks with the tech firm.

Mr Kenner wrote, “To maximise the safety benefits of automated vehicles, encourage innovation, and promote fair competition, established manufactures and new entrants should be treated equally.”

Tesla, Ford and Volvo are among a number of companies who are also  in the process of developing self-driving vehicles.

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