Admiral to analyse first-time drivers’ Facebook profiles

The insurance giant Admiral is to analyse the personalities of first-time drivers by checking their Facebook profiles.

The optional scheme, Admiral said it will use an algorithm to examine social media pages to determine whether prospective customers would be careful drivers.

The firm said it would consider a “snapshot” of customer’s social media page while it calculates a quote.

On its website, the firm said: “New drivers are often quoted much higher insurance premiums as they have little driving history, zero no claims bonus and are viewed as ‘high risk’.


“But we want to help make sure safe drivers aren’t penalised and get the best price possible. To do this we’ll look at your Facebook profile to help us get a better understanding of the type of driver you are.”

The firm has claimed that customers who opt in could potentially receiver a discount of up to 15%.

But how can you really tell if someone is a good or bad driver based on there Facebook page…

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