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“Absurd” to remove Tax Disk Insurance Check

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The DVLA’s proposed removal of the insurance check when applying for a tax disc has been described as “absurd” by the AA.

At present, you must either produce a paper insurance certificate at the Post Office, or apply online, where the online system confirms both insurance and MOT are valid.

Sending out the wrong message

Todd & Cue agree that this proposal would undermine the efforts of the Motor Insurers’ Bureau and “send out entirely the wrong message”. It is currently thought that 1 in 25 motorists is driving without insurance cover, which although significantly better than 4-5 years ago, still leaves the UK with one of the worst uninsured driving records in Europe.

Whilst the introduction of Police ANPR cameras and enforcement legislation allowing seizure of uninsured vehicles has helped in recent years, to remove a simple and fool-proof check of Insurance cover whenever a vehicle owner applies for a tax disk seems like madness, and could lead to owners either deliberately or by simple oversight, not ensuring they are adequately covered.

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