14 years in prison for Death by Dangerous Driving

The Law

Texting at the wheel is an offence the Government is cracking down on. With new rules due to come into force next year, drivers will receive six points on their license and face a £200 fine, if caught. Consequently, young or new drivers will be made to retake their test if they’re caught within two years of gaining their full license.

These new rules will be enforced in England, Scotland and Wales. It could also result in drivers who offend twice going to court, facing possible fines of up to £1000 and a six-month driving ban. If prosecuted for careless driving or dangerous driving even higher penalties apply. Death by Dangerous driving will carry a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison.


Source: (Allianz, 2016, Latest News, https://www.allianzebroker.co.uk/news-and-insight/news/texting-dangerous-driving.html)

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