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Todd & Cue offer insurance for all corporate businesses. Whatever the requirement is, we will be able to find the cover you need, from Cyber Liability Insurance to Motor Fleet Insurance.

Business Travel Insurance

If one of your employees are travelling away for business, then it is essential you have business travel for them. Companies must protect their employees  welfare whilst on business travel otherwise it could lead to a damaging effect to the company.

Commercial Property Insurance

Any property, regardless of ownership, that is used for commercial purposes must be insured on a commercial property insurance policy in order to offer an adequate level of cover for the owner.

Business Interruption Insurance

If a crisis beyond your control happens to your business, then business interruption insurance covers you for loss of income during periods when you cannot carry out business as usual due to an unexpected event.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

When operating a fleet of vehicles it is essential that not only the correct cover is in place but it is also imperative that the correct level of cover is in place. We will ensure that is the correct level of cover for you.

Cyber Liability Insurance

If you handle any customer data or own any IT software in the office, then it is essential your work and business are protected. If your company does happen to get hacked or threaten with viruses, then cyber liability insurance will aim to protect your business.

Directors and Officer’s Liability

Claims can come from many sources; employees, regulators, shareholders, creditors, customers and many more. Ever changing regulations and other circumstances mean directors are more at risk.

Transit Insurance

If your business transports, imports or exports goods then you will need to consider what protection you need for loss or damage to them. Whether they are being moved by your own vehicle, haulier, parcel post/courier, by sea or air it is essential you have this protection.

Haulage Insurance

We can offer you a comprehensive fleet management and insurance service to allow you to benefit from the most competitive premiums and claims management service. We have clients ranging from single vehicle operators to National / International operators of 400+ vehicles.

Employers Liability Insurance

Employers Liability Insurance protects employers from claims of negligence made by employees who suffer injury or ill health due to their work, policies can also protect employers against theft from employee dishonesty.

Engineering Risks

For any business that depends on functioning equipment to operate and maintain revenue, a breakdown could be devastating and this a huge concern for all engineering and manufacturing operators.

Legal Expenses

Unexpected legal disputes can be costly, and businesses are sometimes required to make difficult decisions, with backlashes which could occur. Therefore, legal expenses insurance is a great way to overcome it.

Motor Fleet Insurance

If your company runs a number of cars and/or commercial vehicles it is usually cheaper to arrange them all under one motor fleet insurance policy. Also, it is a legal obligation for you to have motor insurance if your business uses motor vehicles.

Private Medical Health Insurance

Companies losing key members of staff can have a huge impact on the company. Therefore, companies buy private medical health insurance to try and avoid the long waiting time through the NHS.

Product Liability Insurance

Product recalls are occurring more frequently and often receive media attention. A poorly handled product recall or contamination incident can have a catastrophic impact on brand reputation, an organisation’s assets and even their ability to continue trading.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance protects your business from potentially financially crippling and often reputation damaging claims from dissatisfied clients. Even the most respectable of companies can find themselves in dispute with clients over a claim resulting from bad or negligent advice or services.

Motor Trade Insurance

If your business deals with or handles cars, whether it is moving your own stock of cars around on you forecourt or driving customers around, then you need the correct cover. Protecting yourself, business, staff, public and the vehicles themselves.