Todd & Cue and Coronavirus

We have updated our key contacts page for the duration of the Covid-19 lockdown.


Dear Customer/Business Partner

During this unprecedented disruption to life and business we wanted to communicate Todd & Cue’s plans during this period.

We currently remain fully open for business with the desire to continue in delivering the customer service our clients have come to expect over a number of years. That said, we will be continuously reviewing our numerous processes to ensure we can maintain those levels given that the landscape is changing almost on a daily basis.

We have detailed below our position in different areas and hope this at least provides sufficient information to allow our business relationships to proceed uninterrupted.


Like all businesses we are intent on ensuring that our staff are operating in a safe environment. To that end we will be closing our office to any external visitors for the foreseeable future and will communicate further should this approach change.

Where a client still requires a visit from Todd & Cue, then this will take place only after agreement and discussion with the client and will only involve a Company Director of Todd & Cue for that appointment. Technology such as tele-conferencing, Teams meetings or WebEx meetings will be utilised to replace personal visits.


Currently we are testing our remote working capability – thus far this testing has gone well and we envisage that should the need arise we will have the capability to continue servicing all customer requirements via remote working.

Remote working whilst deliverable will likely remain a final option as we seek to retain as much normality as is possible to our everyday business activities.


We remain on hand for all of our clients and will continue to service your daily needs from an insurance perspective and beyond if at all possible. We recognise fully the discomfort that will be felt by all during this period and hope that we can work together in trying to overcome any issues as they arise.

We are always hugely impressed by the resilience demonstrated by the business community during particularly challenging periods and are sure that this resilience will come to the fore once again.

Give us a call for a free quotation or professional advice on: 0191 482 0050